17u National Team - Completed
16u National Team - Completed
16U Peterson-Abiad - looking for one more player - if interested click here

15u National Team - Completed
14u National Team and Team Simon - Completed
13u/7th/2029 - Completed
12u/6th/2030 (North) - Completed
12u/6th/2030 (South) - Completed 
11u/5th/2031 - Completed
10u/4th/2032 - Completed

2024 Player Rates (Spring and Summer)

10U/4th Graders/2032: (April-Early June, 3-4 tournaments)
11U/5th Graders/2031: (April-late June, 5 tournaments)
12U/6th Grade/2029 (North): (April-late June, 6 tournaments)
12U/6th Grade/2029 Meyers (South): (April-late June, 6 tournaments)
13U/7th Grade/2028: (Late April-late June, 6 tournaments)
14U/8th Grade/2028 National and Team Simon (2 Teams): (April-Mid July, 7 tournaments)
15U/9th Grade/National 2027: (April-Mid July, atleast 6 tournaments)
16U - Peterson Abiad: (April-July atleast 6 tournaments) *will practice near Stevens Point 
16U National - Wellnitz: (March-July atleast 6 tournaments) *will practice mostly in Beaver Dam
17U National Team - Rabas: (atleast 6 tournaments)

ACES SOUTH - Led by Assistant Director - Jen Wellnitz-Krogman, the Aces are expanding south with new teams and experienced coaches. Aces South will practice in Southern WI, mostly at Argyle HS, Beaver Dam Area, and the Madison Area. 

We will continue to partner with Aurora Baycare - Athletic Republic, Synergy Sports Performance and The Driveway to offer additional development opportunities. 

What do we look for at Evaluations/Tryouts?
In order to maintain the standard that Purple Aces teams have, we build elite teams in each age group through 17u. This usually means one team per age group, in some rare occasions, we will do multiple teams on the youth side. It means something to be an Ace!

We look for:
  • Players that are coachable and will make our teams better.
  • Players that we believe have a possibility to play varsity basketball
  • Players with the potential and desire to take their game to the collegiate level.
We have learned through experience and conversations with various college coaches that one of the most important evaluation tools used in the collegiate scholarship evaluation process is a potential player's attitude and body language both on and off the court. Purple Aces players are expected to represent their team and our program to the Aces' standard.