Purple Aces Community Assists

April 11, 2017

The Purple Aces girls basketball program not only strives to develop great players on the court but also great citizens and future community leaders. Each year, our teams participate in community service projects known as "Purple Aces Community Assists". Each team decides on which project(s) they want to "assist" and volunteer. In addition to individual team projects this year the Purple Aces family will also join forces in a program-wide project to help support a family in Algoma.

​The Aces players, families and friends are collecting aluminum can tabs which can be found on soda-pop and beer cans. The tabs will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Milwaukee where the Groessl family is expected to stay for about two months.

​The following is a facebook post from Purple Aces assistant coach Scott Ryan:

I'm sharing this for a family friend who needs our help.
Here is a snippet of their journey: As many of you know our unborn child has a heart condition which will require us to stay in Milwaukee for a substantial length of time. During this time my wife and I will be staying at the Ronald McDonald house. We want to collect as many pop tabs as we can when we go down for our stay. I'm asking all my friends to save their tops for us so we can help. We are grateful for the Ronald McDonald house because staying in a hotel for 2 months would be much more expensive and appreciate the opportunity and support they will be giving us while we are there to care for our daughter.

Scott added: I'm proud to say that the approximately 100 young women in our Purple Aces AAU basketball program and their families have taken up the challenge to do what they can for the Casey Groessl family!

​If you would like to help, please collect as many aluminum tabs as possible and place them in a plastic sandwich bag. Please give them to a member of our Purple Aces family by June 25, 2017.

​Individual team "Purple Aces Community Assists" projects will be announced soon.

For more information about the Ronald McDonald House visit: www.rmhcmilwaukee.org
​To offer a community project suggestion for the "Purple Aces Community Assists", please contact us: www.purpleacesgb.com/contact-us/