Our Program
Purple Aces began in 1994 with a vision of helping kids achieve their goals of playing higher level basketball at a cost the parents could afford. Today, the Aces build one elite team for each grade level. We select the best student-athletes from the area to compete in high level tournaments while also focusing on player skill development. As a 501 (c) we aim to serve our state and region by focusing on developing our players on and off of the court. 

The Purple Aces are based out of the Northeast Wisconsin, but attract athletes from all over Wisconsin. We are an elite Blue Star Travel Team basketball program that has the respect of high school coaches across Wisconsin, and club coaches, recruiting services, and college coaches and across the country. We play in highly regarded exposure tournaments throughout the Midwest in an effort to provide our athletes with the best competition, exposure and experiences possible. This along with the dedication of our coaches has made Purple Aces the respected program it is today.

Our Mission
Our mission is to develop girl's confidence, basketball, and leadership skills, while providing opportunities for girls looking to continue their education and playing career at the college level.

Our 8th thru 11th Grade teams have participated in "College Exposure" tournaments such as NIKE Tournament of Champions-Chicago IL, Run for the Roses - Louisville, KY, USJN Blue Star Nationals-Washington D.C., Minnesota Meltdown and The Windy City Classic-Waukegan IL. These "College Exposure" Tournaments are attended by college coaching staff members looking to build their recruiting databases and supplement their rosters.

Our 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grade tournaments are typically played in Wisconsin, Illinois or Minnesota.

What Other Costs Can I Expect?
Besides players rates families should expect to fund travel to and from practice, tournaments, meals and hotels.

Hotel/Meal costs are the responsibility of the individual. We have a wonderful working relationship with many of the hotels from previous years and are able to obtain very favorable rates. Meals are the responsibility of the individual.

There is NOT an additional uniform fee. Uniforms are handed out after team try-outs and are collected following the completion of the season.

A Special Note to Parents - Things we would ask you to please keep in mind ...

We are not in a position to tell parents how to be parents, we would like to provide the following advice. Avoid being "helicopter parents". Helicopter parents hover close by, ready to swoop in and save their daughter anytime something disappointing happens in their lives. Help teach your daughter how to rebound from disappointment - you will be helping them more than you know!